Rocky Raccoon


24th November 2020

Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of dakota there lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon…

As I sat in the kitchen working one cozy winter afternoon, I decided to play the Beatles’ controversial, ‘The White Album’, from start to finish. Although I was familiar with many of the tracks on the album, there were a fair few songs I had never listened to. It is an incredibly strange album, but other than a few impromptu audible assaults along the way (‘Wild Honey Pie’ and ‘Revolution 9’ get a mention for being particularly disturbing), I happen to love it. After listening to John tell me how tired he was for two minutes, and George asking me whether I ‘had seen the little piggies’ for another two, I wasn’t sure what to expect next. ‘Rocky Raccoon’ would follow, a song about a revenge exacting raccoon. Finally some proof that I wasn’t going mad.

The story of young Rocky captivated my imagination, and I felt the sudden urge to illustrate a gunslinging Raccoon. I had an insane amount of fun creating this piece and was super happy with the way it came out. I will stick a few photos of the very early stages of the illustration below so you can see a bit of the process, as well as the final piece with a backdrop I made. As you will see, he started off looking a little different to how he ended up… I find creepy looking characters more fun to draw, okay!